The Virgin Islands delinquent property tax auction was scheduled for June 3rd and June 4th in the District of St. Thomas & St. John, and June 11th and 12th in the District of St. Croix. Both auctions have been postponed indefinitely. 

The tax auction is overseen by the tax collector’s office, and is a remediation tactic for delinquencies on properties. The auction for 2024 is based on tax delinquencies prior to 2015, and is in an attempt to encourage either payment or the installation of a payment plan to get properties up to date on their taxes. In the event no action is taken, the properties with delinquent taxes are put up for auction via a bidding process. ​​The bid starts at the amount owed on the property,  if the bid exceeds that amount, the excess then sits in escrow for a year-long redemption period, during which time the original owner can redeem the property. If the taxes aren’t paid, the bidder claims the property and the excess proceeds go to the delinquent taxpayer.  More information on the delinquencies can be found on the Lieutenant Governor website, or by calling the St Thomas & St John Tax Collector’s Office at (340) 774-2991 or The St Croix office at (340) 773-6449.

The reminder (and delay) of the auction stands as a great time to check in on your own property taxes, and ensure you are up to date in all necessary payments. A compiled list of those with outstanding taxes originally slated for the June sale can be found below. Additionally, a list of all properties with outstanding taxes can be found here: Property Tax Delinquency List